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The emerging research group modality COMPETECS: competences, education, technology and society.

COMPETECS is an educational research group aims to study the contributions and limitations of competences when applied to the professional training of students and workers, and inclusive education that is directed at sectors and groups in social, occupational and educationally disadvantage. Our research encompasses three areas covered by his name, competences, technology and society.

The research group consists of a total of 10 people, including 4 doctors and 6 other people who are in various stages of completion of their PHD.

In addition, our team maintains relationships and active research projects with teams from other universities. We emphasize ongoing relationships with the team, "Educational Technology Group" of the Universitat de les Illes Balears coordinated by Dr. Jesus Salinas, with the group "Continuous Training and New technologies" of the Universitat Rovira i Virgili coordinated by Dr. Mercé Gisbert, with the team "Logistics Challenge" at the University of Hamburg (Germany) directed by Jens Siemon, and educational technology team at the University of Minho (Portugal), led by Paulo Dias. These ties have led to the joint research projects, such as Simul@ 2008, and in the inter-university doctoral program of Educational Technology with Quality Label in June 2004, which is still tought today.

We have also recently established research relationships with the whole universe of space euroregional (Pyrenees Mediterrania), among which are the University of Lleida, the Universitat de Girona, the Univeristat d'Andorra, the University of Zaragoza, Université Toulouse III The Univera de Toulouse II Le Mirail and Université de Perpignan, in order to develop the project Transversalis (INTEREG, G09011).